Translation is not just a case of transferring words one at a time from language A to language B. Other aspects, such as context, culture and style, need to be taken into account at all times. In essence, translation is communication, and communication is at the heart of every business. From personal experience, I know that professional translators are a vital part of every business’ international cross-cultural communication.

I am a freelance translator working in the German into English and French into English language pairs in the fields of travel/tourism, wellness, business communications, and marketing. I have several years’ experience in the industry, including a six-month stint working as an in-house translator at the Amazon offices in Luxembourg. More information on my background and the work I do can be found here and links to examples of my work, online profiles and more are available here.

If you are thinking about taking, or have already taken, your business to the English-speaking market and require translation services, please request a quote (in German, French or English) using the Contact page. Prices are calculated on a per-project basis and depend on the length of the text, the level of complexity and urgency.